Payroll Management Module

Payroll Management Module works closely with HR Management Mod-ule. Third important ‘M’ of three Ms of economy i.e. Material, Machine and Man manage through this module. Complete transactions related to employee salaries, loans, bonuses, overtime, Monthly adjustments will be recorded in this module and all the required reports will be generat-ed in this module. Employee profile created in the HR Module and ac-cessible in this module for salary preparation. This module has strong integration with Financial Accounting module and generates monthly payroll voucher.
There is provision available for processing of payroll on Provisional basis. Some transactional reports are generated on the basis of Provisional processing and if user requires any modification in payroll he can do so and again run provisional processing. On final processing whole database is updated and after that user can’t modify the payroll results. of that salary period.

Key Features

Employee Profile
Flexible Employee Coding Structure
Integration with HR Module and Financial Management Module
Income Tax Calculations
Loan Categories
Loan Payments and Receipts
Provisional / Final Processing
All statutory Reporting
Reports Exportable to PDF, Work Sheets, Documents